[2.7] BBQ Pro Nulled – Fastest WordPress Firewall Plugin


BBQ Pro helps keep your WordPress site safe and secure by detecting and blocking bad requests. This helps to conserve precious server resources like memory and bandwidth.BBQ Pro runs silently in the background, checking all incoming traffic and blocking any URI requests that contain nasty stuff like base64_, eval(, .exec(, and other malicious nonsense.

More than 100,000 WordPress users trust the free version of BBQ to help secure their sites. BBQ Pro takes firewall security to the next level with advanced protection and fine-grained control over every detail.

BBQ Pro – Block Bad Queries
BBQ Pro protects your site like a boss:
Strong firewall security
Plug-n-play functionality
No configuration required
Fully customizable firewall
Lightweight, fast and flexible
BBQ Pro – Super Easy Settings
Enjoy easy-to-use, powerful settings:
Option to send email alerts
Quickly enable/disable rules
Disable BBQ for logged-in users
Block excessively long requests
Redirect all blocked requests
Display a custom message
Set your own status code

BBQ Pro Nulled Demo

BBQ Pro Nulled – Fastest WordPress Firewall Plugin 2.6 Download

BBQ Pro Nulled – Fastest WordPress Firewall Plugin 2.7 Download


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